JJH HOT POT CO, founded in Nanchang, Jiangxi in January 2001, has become a company that owns almost one hundred regular chain restaurants. The company has it restaurant brand called í▒JIJIHONG HOT POTí▒ throughout china, covering more than 30 provinces in china. Affordable, trustworthy and convenience is our philosophy. Even under the strict food hygiene supervision of the Chinese government, JJH still undergoes a steady growth. In 2015, JJH ranked 68th in top hundreds among restaurants in China. For the recent three years, we are growing in an average of 5-10 restaurants each year. In 2015, our sales hit RMB six hundred million. We have more than eighteen million customers come each year, our employees approach 3000. Due to our quality food and delicious soup, JJH is welcomed by customers. There are over 4000 people come to each of our restaurant per day. Because of our companyí»s slogan, í░ Providing everyone with a chance to taste not only healthy but traditional hot potí▒, we become one of those preferred restaurant among customers. It is also the main reason why customers choose our brand. Our food department pays a lots attention in terms of choice of food, and the company acquires the Official Food Production Permit from the Chinese government. We have a main factory where produces the base soup. All the base soup will then be distributed from the main factory to each retailing store. Such vertical integration ensures the best quality food possible. Opening JJH around the world has been our goal since we opened the first store in 2001. Due to the customersí» warm support and successful experience in China, we decide to present our brand to people all over the world. Our first station is Los Angeles, USA. The focus of the restaurant is still what we are good at, the hot pot. We are dedicated to provide with our customers fresh food, including vegetables, meat and drinks. The estimated area of the restaurant is 500-800 meter square, the average propensity to consumer is USD 15-20. The restaurant should be able to serve 200-300 customers at a time. Our projected income for the first year is 3 million. The restaurant produce about 60-80 job opportunities. We proposed a three-year-plan and a five-year-plan. For the first three years, we could open about 10 restaurant and for the next two years, doubled. The estimated income would hit more than five billions, creating more than 1300 job opportunities.
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